Make Your Own Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer Kit

Ginger Beer Kit

Ginger Beer Kit (inc FREE UK delivery)

"deluxe" Ginger Beer Kit

“deluxe” Ginger Beer Kit

Deluxe Ginger Beer Kit + £2.80 UK Delivery

Delivery is UK. International postage is flat rate @ £5 delivery per item (outside of UK.)

Each kit contains enough culture, sugar and ginger (with instructions) to make your own ginger beer plant.

In the Deluxe kit the “plant” fits entirely within the jar provided. Both kits will provide you with an ongoing supply of 9 pints of ginger beer a week, ideal for a hot summer or just as a soft alternative to beer in the evening. The full recipe and instructions included is a tried and tested method to make a classic British ginger beer with ground ginger.

How does it work?
Making Ginger Beer is straightforward with our kit. Simply add water and follow the instructions to feed your “plant” with ground ginger and granulated sugar every day for one week. At the end of the week the concentrated liquid from the plant is strained off and is made up with sugar, water and lemon juice to make the finished ginger beer, the process is made easy and no special equipment is needed. Once you have made your ginger beer you have the option to start the plant all over again, why not spread the love and give half to a friend to make their own? The instructions include details of how to start a new plant all over again whenever you feel like it.

What is the ginger beer like?
Ginger beer is a fermented drink made using yeast, the fermentation adds characteristic flavour to the ginger beer and the final product is less than 0.5% alcohol so please be assured that our ginger beer is a flavoursome soft drink. If you are diabetic you can still enjoy the ginger beer by making your final drink with “Splenda” in place of sugar.

Quality Guarantee
Our ginger beer recipe has been tried and tested over generations. In making our kits we are conscious to use only fairtrade sugar and high quality ground ginger. All ingredients are dried and have an excellent shelf life.

We endeavour for all kits to be delivered within 1 week of purchase, overseas and European customers please e-mail me your order and I can send you an appropriate invoice. Please direct all commercial enquiries or general queries using the contact form.

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